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Catalogue No. AUN0116
SRP A$19.95
APN 9333723001162
DVD Release Date 24 Jun 2009
Director Richard Waterhouse
Producer --
Cast Sarah Blevins, Jamie Anderson, Heather Stewart, Jesse Burch, Peter Murnik, Matthew Atherton
Genre Romance Comedy
Rating M (Sexual references and coarse language)
Run Time 90 min
Visual Format 1.85:1
Audio Format Dolby 2.0
Language English
Special Features Protest Rally & March, Cast Interviews, Bloopers.
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YOUNG, SINGLE & ANGRY is a fun, sexy comedy in the vein of a thirty-something American Pie.  It’s about a woman, Taylor, who is told her whole life that marriage is the most important thing that could happen to her – and then one day she wakes up still single at the age of 35 and wonders, “What the f-ck happened?”  Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, Taylor and three friends search for soul mates but wind up encountering fetishists, phone sex operators, and self-help gurus instead.   A ribald, irreverent comedy that finds humor in the sometimes unglamorous side of sex and the single life of one “slightly overweight” woman – YOUNG, SINGLE & ANGRY releases female audiences from endless repeats of ‘Sex and the City’ and Hollywood blockbuster happily-ever-after endings – and serves up a convention-defying, raunchy, fun look at the search for the perfect man.
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