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Catalogue No. AUN0147
SRP A$19.95
APN 9333723001476
DVD Release Date 3 May 2010
Director Rob Malenfant
Producer --
Cast Ashley Jones (TV hit series, TRUE BLOOD), Chris Mulkey, Eric Knudsen (SAW 2), James Gallanders, Sonya Solomaa, Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz, Art Hindle
Genre Thriller
Rating PG (Mild violence and coarse language)
Run Time 90 mins
Visual Format 1.85:1
Audio Format Dolby 2.0
Language English
Special Features --
Quotes --
Awards --

Carrie (Ashley Jones) is an attractive history teacher at a public high school in Philadelphia. Always taking a special interest in particularly troubled students—she goes above and beyond other teachers, to ensure these kids have a decent future.

She’s also in the middle of divorce, dealing with visitation and custody rights of her 9-year-old daughter and dealing with a 17-year-old orphan Jeremy (Eric Knudsen), a smart kid with lots of potential, whose less-than-conducive home life constantly gets in his way. Unfortunately, Jeremy lives with his uncle Bill (Chris Mulkey), who owns a used car dealership and spends much of his time trying get-rich-quick schemes, in a world of shady business dealings and unsavory characters.

Bill discovers that Carrie is the daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman (Art Hindle), and hatches a plan to extort three hundred thousand dollars from her, with blackmail as his back up.
He arranges for Jeremy to transfer into her class at school and encourages a mutual special interest in order to get them photographed "together"; the photos being used to expose an illicit "teacher and student" affair if she doesn't pay up.
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