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Catalogue No. ACC0104
SRP A$29.95
APN 9333723001049
DVD Release Date 18 Dec 2008
Director Giacomo Martelli
Producer --
Cast Michael Parks, Maya Sansa, Andrea Tidona, James Parks
Genre Thriller
Rating MA15+ (Strong coarse language and violence)
Run Time 105 min
Visual Format 2.35:1
Audio Format Dolby Stereo
Language English
Special Features --
Quotes --
Awards 2007 winner - Best Film Political Film Society 2006 winner - best actress EuropaCinema Platinum Award

Set in the treacherous world of espionage and counter-intelligence, THE LISTENING is a thriller in the style of The Bourne Supremacy.

In a remote American intelligence outpost, the US National Security Agency is implementing spy technology that turns any phone into a live transmitter, enabling the Agency to eavesdrop on anyone whether their phone is on or off. When classified documents relating to this technology accidentally fall into the hands of a civilian woman, Francesca Savelli played by Maya Sansa (The Best of Youth), she becomes a target of a deadly pursuit. Anthony Ashe, played by James Parks (Kill Bill Vol. 1, From Dusk Till Dawn 2) is assigned to track down Francesca and eliminate her at any cost before the technology is exposed.

Appalled by his Agency's conduct, James Wagley, played by Michael Parks (Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, From Dusk Till Down) defects to save Francesca and employs a plan to expose the technology in order to save her life. James recruits an expert hacker, Gianni Longardo, played by Andrea Tidona (Life is Beautiful) in order to break into the Agency's surveillance system but unknowingly leaves a trace as to their location. With the clock ticking, a deadly battle ensues high on the glaciers of Mont Blanc.
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