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“[A] gem of heavy socio-economic commentary” - Gargoyle

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Catalogue No. AUN0205
SRP A$14.95
APN 9333723002053
DVD Release Date 20 May 2011
Director Jim Donovan
Producer --
Cast Megan Park, David Charvet, Boti Bliss
Genre Thriller
Rating M (Mature themes and sexual references)
Run Time 90 mins
Visual Format 1.85:1
Audio Format Dolby 2.0
Language English
Special Features --
Quotes “[A] gem of heavy socio-economic commentary” - Gargoyle
Awards --

The perfect trigonometry instructor, coach, father and designer label stubble wearing member of an Ohio high school faculty is flawed when his career obsessed ex-wife is killed in a car accident. His gorgeous 17 year old pupil, who already harbours desires for him, moves in for the kill – at first metaphorically, and when the teacher refuses her advances, literally. if grieving for his loss wasn’t enough to keep him occupied his secret admirer trumps up a false rape charge, tries to run him over in a car and plays her hand at blackmail. The Perfect Teacher is an engrossing take on obsession.
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