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• “If you’re a SEX AND THE CITY fan, you’ll fall in love with this winner.” Hollywood Reporter

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Catalogue No. ACC0180
SRP A$19.95
APN 9333723001803
DVD Release Date 18 Feb 2011
Director Tamara Tunie
Producer --
Cast Estella Warren (ex-supermodel), Justin Kirk (TV’s “Weeds”), Whoopi Goldberg (TV’s “The View”, GHOST), Sandra Bernhard (The L Word), David Eigenberg (Sex and the City 2)
Genre Romance Comedy
Rating M (Coarse language)
Run Time 92 mins
Visual Format 2.35:1
Audio Format Dolby 2.0
Language English
Special Features --
Quotes • “If you’re a SEX AND THE CITY fan, you’ll fall in love with this winner.” Hollywood Reporter
Awards --

SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER is an original romantic comedy set in current day Manhattan. The film centres around Lindsay, a beautiful woman who seemingly has it all, but is deeply afraid of commitment. When she finds out that her therapist takes a vacation for the entire month of August she feels shocked and abandoned. Instead of taking this news lying down, Lindsay enlists the help of her acerbic best friend Monica to come up with a solution. With the assistance of "Craig's List", Lindsay puts together a group therapy session for all Manhattanites who are in need of therapy, but more importantly angry at their therapists for abandoning them.

It is through the group that Lindsay and AJ meet and begin a flirtation, but it is not until Monica and Max (AJ’s best friend) challenge Lindsay and AJ to a bet - that they have to date for the month of August and not sleep together - that their real attraction begins.  As they get to know each other, they discover that her fear of commitment and his fear of abandonment may be the very things that allow them to trust one another.    

Just when it seems that Lindsay may be able to commit to AJ, “Mr. Perfect” shows up and Lindsay has to decide if she will choose a life that looks perfect on the outside or the messy life with a man who is perfect for her.
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