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• “Hip, sexy and has a great soundtrack.”

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Catalogue No. ACC0188
SRP A$19.95
APN 9333723001889
DVD Release Date 18 Mar 2011
Director Kolton Lee
Producer --
Cast Lucy Konadu, Suzann McLean, Arinze Kene
Genre Romance, Sport
Rating M (Mature themes, sexual references and violence)
Run Time 86 mins
Visual Format 1.85:1
Audio Format Dolby 2.0
Language English
Special Features The Making Of Featurette, Best Auditions-Worst And Best Crew Freestyling, How To Freestyle.
Quotes • “Hip, sexy and has a great soundtrack.”
Awards --

Ondene is a beautiful, talented, private school girl, destined to study law at Oxford if she gets the required A-Levels - and nothing less will satisfy her domineering mother. When a basketball court is opened near her school, Ondene is charmed by a charismatic and good-looking freestyle basketball player, Leon, and together they decide to enter a major freestyle basketball competition.

Leon hails from a deprived background and to fulfill his dreams of going to university, he desperately needs to win this basketball competition in order to pay his way. Soon romance blossoms between them, forcing Ondene to deceive her mother, only to have this crushed when she finds out. Balancing her future prospects and her newfound passion, Ondene has to make some very tough decisions about her family, her education, and the man she loves.

Featuring a fresh cast and a hot R&B urban soundtrack selected by Bashy, FREESTYLE is an exciting, funny and heartwarming story that showcases the best in emerging new talent. Inspired by the best-selling videogame “Freestyle Street Basketball”, the film features high school students engaged in a freestyle basketball competition with AMAZING, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN basketball tricks. Must be seen to be believed!
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